NOVATOR LLC has several aboveground storage tanks for petroleum and petrochemical products in several Russian ports, including Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Nakhodka, and Vladivostok, and from different places all over Europe, Houston and Rotterdam.

Petroleum and petrochemical products are stored in tanks at the points of issue of the gas pipeline in anticipation of sending. Crude oil is supplied to the refinery storage tanks in preparation for processing. Refined products are ultimately delivered to the storage tanks of the terminal, and then distributed to the consumer. Some accumulating tank designed to collect oil from wells, while others serve as reservoirs for the storage of products, seasonal fine that will be available for sale only in certain seasons. In addition, the company Novator uses some storage tanks of brine used for the displacement of the product in the operation.

Our potential customers who buy products and require storage:
• Airports
• refueling complex offering air bunkering
• Sea and river shipping company
• Port bunkering companies
• Railway companies
• Agricultural companies
• Transport companies
• Energy Generating Company
• Users of gas-diesel technology
• Oil traders